Saturday, September 5, 2015

Rockin' it

Australia's South East Coast has some beautiful scenery, it also has some geologically interesting spots with dramatic cliff faces, little islets and stunning beaches.

On our walk back from Rosedale beach Audrey tuned to me and said 'Dad, do you know there are three types of rock?'

I was stunned from one so young. I remembered back to Mr Croft's Geography lesson, desperately searching my memory banks. I could remember sedimentary and metamorphic (I cheated and later looked up igneous) not that I'd be able to pick any of them out that easily in an ID parade.

'What are they Audrey?' 
'Well, there's rock, like a stone, there's rock music, (Audrey paused and played air guitar) and rock, when you rock back and forth'

Phew, I wasn't put in my place (this time) by an 8 year old and forgetting 'igneous' hadn't proved my downfall. I wasn't sure what Mr Croft would have thought of Audrey's answer, but remembering that he was a funny guy he might even have given her top marks!

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