Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kite flying at the National Arboretum

This week was National Tree week and so we appropriately headed for Canberra's fabulous National Arboretum.

It was lovely spending time together as a family. We had a bite to eat in the cafe and then the kids went to the fabulously appointed Pod playground.

Amy was really tired from her outing and headed to the car for a snooze while I took the kids to fly a kite on the grassy bank by the Village centre. The wind improved as the afternoon went on and I eventually had to wind the kite down by hand as it would have flown for hours.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Day The Circus Quirkus came to town

One bright day, a travelling circus came
They came to play at Queanbeyan and Quirkus was their name

We went there
'twas packed but got a chair
Lots of performing acrobats
A clown and juggling balls in the air


Eli and Audrey loved the show
Were sad to say goodbye to the circus
Off we went with a DVD
Jump, jump, jump
Audrey and Eli loved the show
The girl in pink with the hulas
Audrey forgot her poster
hrumph hrumph hrumph.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Play School Comes to Town

Play School in Australia first aired in July 1966. Forty Eight years later the live show came to Canberra again and the four of us went along to watch Teo and Rachel (plus of course the big four of Jemima, Big Ted, Humpty and Little Ted).

I've written on this blog before about how I think it's sad that the BBC killed the series off - consigning Humpty to the alley behind the wall he fell off. Fortunately it's still going strong in Australia, in broadly the same format and judging by the sell out crowds that we've always seen the show play to I rather suspect the BBC in their wisdom made a pretty big mistake.

It's a bit of an institution in our house. All the cliches of the 'kids growing up with it' are true. I hope it's still around when our children have their own children, it's good, honest children's entertainment.

During its time it's brokered a lot of important topics - the show upset (horrible) former PM John Howard some years ago when it ran a clip starring two lesbian parents and last year had a feature where one of the presenters tweeted and went on facebook. In that respect it's old fashioned but yet very contemporary. I like it.

We managed to get front row seats and it was great to see both Audrey and Eli get totally engrossed in the show. Sadly I rather suspect it will be our last trip. Audrey will be seven next month and Big Ted and Co. will be replaced by boy bands and other distractions. I must admit as the final song was sung there was a lump in my throat.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day Trip to Thredbo

The ski fields are only a short drive from Canberra and Audrey, Eli and I were happy to be driven there with our friends the James's.

We'd originally set out to go to Selwyn, but at the last minute decided to head on to Thredbo. The snow there was excellent and we enjoyed a really lovely sunny afternoon on the slopes. We'd kitted the kids out in new snow gear. Sadly we managed to lose one of Eli's brand new boots along the way, but it didn't diminish our enjoyment. The sun was setting as we headed for home with four tired children on board.