Thursday, October 18, 2018

Eli's mate comes to visit

One of Eli's friends moved to Thailand with his Dad's job but the family were back in Canberra for the weekend so we caught up with them at Weston Park. The two boys were really pleased to see each other.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Audrey interviews Peter Meusburger

Audrey had to do a project about Man's effect on the natural environment and chose to look at the impact of brumbies (wild Australian horses) on the Namadji and Snowy Mountains National Park. She put together this video as part of her exhibition. I thought it was really excellent. We looked up the guy Pete Meusburger online. He was such a nice guy and so kind to give us his time.

Monday, October 15, 2018

You had one job

The kids spotted this in our local supermarket and it made us all laugh - who knows what they were thinking!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Eli's love of football

So Eli spent 15 minutes begrudgingly doing homework, (arguing and complaining throughout) then an hour carefully writing out and memorising the Premier League teams' nicknames and home-grounds (he tells me he's going to do all 92 league clubs). Dear oh dear! #priorities#ifonlytherewasanexam

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Eli with the Royals

Elijah enjoyed a successful season of playing rugby union with the Royals (he's back row on the left hand side)

His team was unbeaten throughout the season (Canberra is split into North and South) and the final was played against the winners of the Northern Division (Gunghalin) a game they narrowly lost out by a try scored in the last minute.

I find rugby union a baffling game. I've watched a bazillion games over many years and I still wonder sometimes if even the referees have a full understanding of the sport. Certainly a lot of the players, whether aged 9 or 59 seem to be in the dark about exactly what's going on. Someone told me it's apparently because there's always a LOT going on. The main attribute as a player seems to be to remain polite at all times.

I was chuffed for Eli's success. Certainly his team was well drilled and they all (kind of) knew where they should stand at any juncture and what their particular roles were. It was apparent when they played less disciplined sides that it wasn't just a case of winning the occasional skirmish - although often the biggest and brawniest kid usually DID emerge as the victor. 

Eli could describe to me what he was doing, and I get the whole idea of backs and forwards and that play is continual but like the professional game whenever there was a foul everyone on the touchline was always at a bit of a loss to describe what had happened. So much subjectivity.

Perhaps I'm a simpleton - in football if someone is tripped then a foul is awarded, if the ball goes out it's a throw-in. In rugby there's a myriad of weird rules that help the rugby fan pretend that it's a sport for the intellectual. That's why if you ask someone to describe what's going on, following a critical match deciding penalty everyone looks at their shoes or umms and ahhs - they're clearly far too clever to be able to describe it.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Audrey's award winning jam (part 2)

One of the judges of the competition wrote a wonderful account of the competition here

Here are the two radio segments

The judging competition on the radio

Audrey collecting her prize

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Audrey's award winning jam!

Australia has recently fallen foul of a food scare (someone with a strange grudge had put needles in batches of strawberries). Fortunately nobody was hurt, but it did have the effect of sales of the fruit across the nation.

Lish Fejer who presents on our local ABC channel responded by organising a strawberry jam competition within Canberra, both to encourage the eating of the delicious fruit and turn a negative issue into a positive story.

Due to her excellent lessons given her by Amy's old boss (Kathy jam) Audrey makes a pretty decent strawberry jam. It seemed a competition that she needed to enter.

We bought good strawberries from a greengrocer. They seemed firmer and 'fruitier' than some of the supermarket ones. We've also used frozen strawberries in the past which while adequate take some effort to get to gel because of their high water content.

Audrey made a couple of jars and we put one in for the competition. It was a blind taste-test so everyone was on an even playing-field.

The judging was live on the radio and as we sat eating our dinner, it quickly became apparent that one particular jam (no.10) stood out among all the others. All the judges, and listeners taking part all remarked that no.10 was the best.

When it finally came to reveal the winner we expected that it would be an esteemed Canberra jam maker with decades of experience. Lish the presenter removed the sticker and announced the winner....

"Audrey Hickman!"

We were so excited, Audrey had seen off tough competition to win. Her prize (apart from the recognition) was to choose a cake for Lish to make. Audrey of course chose a horse-theme and Lish of course responded a couple of weeks later with a fabulous hay bale (a delicious chocolate cake covered in desiccated coconut).

It was all great fun of course, but a fantastic experience for Audrey. She took her appearance on the radio in her stride. I was so proud of her. 

On the radio collecting her prize

Audrey and her prize!

The jams being judged