Friday, September 11, 2015


We last went to Rosedale to celebrate my birthday in March 2014. As things turned out it was our last family (of four) holiday.We'd had a lovely time down there and the weather had been kind to us.

I thought it was a nice place to take the kids for the weekend. We booked a small place in the woods that surround the beach - it's a lovely spot with beautiful views almost everywhere you look. Sadly our accommodation didn't include the games room which the kids had loved last time we were there.

We arrived on Friday night - there's a great fish and chip shop on the front of Bateman's Bay - it's always extremely busy and does a good trade whatever time of the day or night you're there.

Saturday morning was spent on the beach - building sandcastles and generally mucking around then drove into nearby Mogo town where we ate blue ice creams (I had a liquorice flavoured one) and the kids discovered a sweet/lolly shop which had a vast array of sweets and sugary confectionery.

On Sunday the four of us headed to (what I now know is called 'Nuns' beach) it's named after the lovely property which overlooks the entry to the beach which had been a nuns' retreat - and recently sold for $1.7m!

It was a warm sunny morning. I had plenty of memories of the four of us on the beach and the kids (then 18 months younger) playing in the shallows. Now older and braver they swam in the surf a few metres deeper than they did then. I so wished Amy was with us still.

It was an easy drive back to Canberra. Being out of season the roads were fairly empty. We stopped for the obligatory sausage roll at Braidwood bakery on the way home.

out for lunch in Mogo

Blue Bubblegum icecream

Guerrilla Bay (didn't see any) 

Fun in the waves

chess in a Mogo cafe

A quiet moment on Nun's Beach

We drove past this street on the way home. Hadn't ever spotted it before but I know it would have made Amy chuckle.

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