Thursday, September 24, 2015


Eli decided to start writing his Christmas list this morning. It started off well - he asked me how to write "C...H...R....I...S....T....M....A....S" and then sat down to copy out the Lego catalogue (source of ideal presents for all six year old boys).

1. All the Lego minecraft (fairly comprehensive then)

He then turned to the Star Wars page and looked through it - he turned to me to help him  with his spelling and that's perhaps where he made a mistake.

2. The Deaf Star (I was biting my lip to avoid giggling)

He then picked out the Imperial Star Destroyer - it is indeed a mighty fine bit of lego - We spelled out "I..M..P..E...R...I...A...L" together..... and then I couldn't help myself.

I think poor Eli might be a bit disappointed on Christmas morning..,.

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