Sunday, November 27, 2016

Budding Brumbies

Each year the Brumbies organise a 'Budding Brumbies' rugby session over four weeks. It's really well organised and Eli has been going for a few years (I think Amy took him originally).

This year the course culminated at Brumbies HQ and the kids were trained by the Brumbies first team squad and had a chance to have their picture taken with the squad afterwards. It's such a lovely atmosphere there and Eli absolutely loves it.

Audrey climbing the goal post

Eli with the first team Brumbies squad - so cool!

Fancy spag bol...

Merry Beach Camping Trip

We had a lovely long weekend of camping at Merry Beach on the NSW South Coast. The weather was just about perfect (apart from a bit of wind which picked up on Friday night.

Merry Beach is beautiful and we camped right on the edge of the beach. The kangaroos there are always very brave/tame and hopped along at dinner time to see what everyone was eating. We had fun flying our rocket, a cliff walk and a mini golf tournament (Audrey fared best of all of us).

Fresh prawns delivered daily

our encampment

mini golf

mini golf

Audrey on the 18th tee
beach cricket

coffee stop

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Audrey's class

Audrey's class had to write their name on a piece of paper and then circulate it around the class and their classmates were invited to write what they thought of that person. I haven't found out yet whether the project was censored (i.e. nothing nasty!) but I was so chuffed to see some of the things her friends had written about her (accepting that the spelling is a bit dodgy!). I'll have to chat to her teacher to understand some of the context of it (as it sounds like it was potentially a pretty risky exercise!).