Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bike Ride around Stromlo

Eli has recently had a new (second hand) bike. It matches his sister's bike so both are happy that there's no difference between them (other than colour). He was a bit tentative on it at first but soon really got the hang of it and told me that it was so much faster than his old bike!

We love riding at Mount Stromlo. Today was a sunny Spring day so we headed up to the great cycling facility they've got there. I've recently invested in a bike carrier for the car so I was as excited as the kids as it meant I could join them on the track.

It was beautiful weather for it (and because it was still Spring no flies), but there were a fair number of magpies - one of which swooped Eli a few times and left him terrified - he soon got over it though.

It's nice that there are a couple of barbecue areas there so we had a few sausages after our ride.

Eli on his new wheels!

Family selfie

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