Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brick Expo

Brick Expo is an annual weekend where amateur Lego builders get to show off their talents.

It's eagerly anticipated in our household and a small group of us have started up a little custom of meeting at the show then heading off for a joint Sunday lunch/brunch.

Tickets for the expo sell out and so you have to book well in advance (I bought our tickets at the start of August).

This year's show didn't disappoint.
There were the usual Star Wars dioramas and a host of castles and Knights as well as a large room filled with cars and trains.
In addition this year had a vast mosaic of Emmet (from the Lego movie) a film which must have bouyed even further a really dominant toy. A whole load of people in Star Wars outfits also wander around the place variously entertaining and/or terrifying the kids at the show.

The kids loved it. The restaurant which we eat at has also changed hands and now offered a massive buffet (the biggest and most diverse I've ever seen apart from perhaps the Hilton in Warsaw) and the kids had three desserts to wrap up a fun morning.

Minions are flavour of the month

Imagine about another 50 tables like this and you get an idea of the Expo!

A view of the Millennium Falcon

Mr Squiggle (only means anything if you're Australian!)

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Anonymous said...

I WANT a Lego Minion and I want it NOW! :-)