Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kid chat

Sometimes I think it's fair to say A&E drive me crazy. I sometimes wonder if I'm cut out to say, 'Put on your shoes!' 150 times a day or trundle out the old classic, 'Come on...Hurry Up!!'

I think what amplifies my frustration is not when the kids talk back to me, but rather deliver the ultimate counter attack of just waiting for me to issue my request for the 50th time before staring blankly back at me, as if I'm not there. Usually this leads to me turning my voice volume up to 11, but even then the said shoes don't usually get put on until I threaten destruction of a random teddy/Barbie/Lego construction. 

Kids; when you're sitting with your shrink in 20 years time telling them that your Dad often had a crazed and irrational desire to throw your stuffed toy in the wheely bin, that's why you are how you are and if you'd just put on your shoes in the first place the psych analysis would have been unnecessary.
Anyway... I'd planned this post more to be about the joys (rather than tribulations) of parenthood.

This evening I had a much nicer conversation with Eli and somehow we got onto the topic of 'What super power would you choose?'

During the course of our conversation we narrowed things down, cutting out 'super human strength' (probably only useful if you've got a jar with a tough lid on it) excluded Eli's inspired suggestion of 'Ice Eyes' (whose usefulness only becomes really apparent on a hot summers day or perhaps if you had a job in the freezer section at a supermarket).

We have as a result, come down to a toss up between 'Flight' and Time Travel' both admirable super powers but equally both powers (just like the 'Put your shoes on!' plea) probably become rendered useless by the ultimate super power - the blank stare response.

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