Sunday, September 20, 2015

The kids meet Nick Kygrios

Australia has a tennis sensation in the form of Nick Kygrios - the 20 year old who hails from Canberra. I have little doubt that he'll end up as one of the world's top 10 players. He's a rare talent, tall strong and athletic and the ability to hit the ball very hard and with a frightening amount of spin.

Sadly Nick Kygrios also comes with a fair amount of attitude and it is this that has overshadowed his talent. The press love focusing on his fall outs with other players and referees and his tendency to smash racquets every now and again.

Saturday was our local tennis club's open day. We'd been last year and the kids had enjoyed it as there was a variety of things to do - some tennis related but also some fun activities. This year they announced that Kygrios would be a guest at the open day. It turned out later that someone's Mum knew him and had called him up and he'd decided to come over in his own time - it must have put a few hundred more on the gate and Mark, who runs the club was understandably pleased.

We played tennis before he arrived - Eli did a mini training session and when Kygrios arrived he did a short exhibition before doing hundreds of autographs, mingling with the crowd and then helping out with the raffle at the end.

He's a very unassuming guy off the court with none of the bluster and arrogance he shows on it. He was happy to make time for all the kids and was really friendly. A lot of people give him bad press but I think their views will change once he starts climbing the rankings. Both Eli and Audrey loved meeting him and seeing him play.

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