Wednesday, March 1, 2017

School Swimming Carnival

The school swimming carnival is kind of a big deal in the school calendar. I had a meeting at work that ran right through the event (annoyingly!) but luckily got away to catch the last 40 minutes.
This was the first time that Eli got to compete (races are only from year two onwards) and he placed first in all of his races (50metres breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly). What's more remarkable was that he didn't bother entering the backstroke as it's 'too easy'.
Anyway enough of my brags (Audrey got an excellent third place in the breaststroke, but was a little bit annoyed about her brother bringing home the glory)
It was lovely to see them do so well. It's a great environment too with loads of grandparents and parents cheering their kids on. I got a bit teary driving home that his Mum hadn't been there to see him. She'd have been so proud. Well done little man.

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