Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Audrey Jam

A lovely lady called Kathy who used to work with Amy used to regularly drop us off jars of (beautiful) home made jam. The kids used to call it 'Kathy Jam'. Sadly (for us) Kathy is about to move to pastures new, but before she goes she gave Audrey a lesson in jam making (along with a great recipe).
It's so nice to have people around who are still so caring and interested in the kids.
Strawberries are cheap at the moment so we made a decent batch. Audrey loved making the jam and carefully chopped measured and boiled things. I helped her put the jam in jars. The kids eat it at a rate of knots, but we should now be ok for a month at least I figure!

Audrey shows off her Audrey Jam!

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