Sunday, March 26, 2017


On Sunday night we went along to a (free apart from a contribution in the tea box) concert at the foot of Canberra's Carillon. It was a casual affair and seemed to have been organised entirely on social media. The local band (Hashemoto) were supported by a great soloist called Tate Sheridan who played an assortment of cover versions and original tracks on piano. 

I've seen Hashemoto a few times before - most recently a couple of years ago at Reconciliation Place by the lake (which is another unusual place to play). They are excellent musicians and the fact that they count a piano and double bass in their trio of instruments makes their choice of unexpected locations all the more remarkable.

It was lovely listening to them as the sun went down behind Aspen island. The space at the bottom of the Carillon actually made for a great venue as the acoustics were terrific. Afterwards the kids scooted/ skateboarded back along the bridge to the car and I was reminded why Canberra is such a lovely place to live.

Skateboarding home

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