Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Canberra's Enlighten festival grows bigger by the year - I think the plan is to make it bigger than our other big festival Floriade which this year was a pale shadow of what it's been in previous years.

Enlighten is all about lighting up Canberra's national buildings - everything from Old Parliament House to Questacon is bedecked in light displays and every year they seem to be just that extra little bit better than the year before.

Combined with the festival are a number of shows and music events, but these mostly run at the weekend. Recently they've tagged on a night noodle market which attracts a fairly hipster crowd and offers a range of Asian influenced foods. It occupies a slightly odd elevated position by reconciliation place.  Again the noodle markets have grown year on year but they've been fairly savvy at reducing queue sizes which have been a problem in previous years.

We popped in after school/work to have food from the noodle markets and then wandered round some of the fabulous lights. It was a warm and balmy evening and made you realise why Canberra is such a great place to live when free festivals like this happen on your doorstep.

Here's some pictures;

The National Portrait Gallery had a photo booth which took your picture and projected it on the side of the building (very clever!)

 I'm bottom left (with the cap), Eli is top right (dabbing)

Audrey has a phone smile!

An amazing cloud made out of lightbulbs - the rain was light pulls which you could turn the lights on and off with!

Purple and white soft serve was a hit!

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