Friday, March 3, 2017

Canberra Show 2017

We took our annual sojourn to Canberra show last weekend. It was possibly the first time I'd actually paid for entry as for a couple of years we've won tickets. It's fairly pricey for families, but actually once you get in it's pretty good value and we spent almost the whole day there.

It's on a large site in Canberra and we were grateful to the little train that ran you around if you waited at the stations and squeezed on. There's a lot to see from art and craft to rides and of course a whole menagerie of different animals.

We rode in cars, watched a lumberjack show and assorted cat and dog displays and also spent a long time making lego. A really fun and busy day out.

Eli fist pumping with the lumberjacks

A dog show in progress

Audrey having made a lego hand and bracelet.

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