Monday, November 30, 2015

Audrey's Snow Leopard Presentation

This is a shameless brag about my clever daughter (sorry dear reader but I don't have many people in my life who are interested in sharing my pride).

Audrey was set some homework to do a presentation about endangered animals. She chose snow leopards and then proceeded to launch herself into her homework.

I'm not a huge fan of technology in the classroom, but I was proved really wrong in this instance as Audrey diligently researched her subject and then put together a Powerpoint slide show. It was a great (and very grown up) presentation. We ran through it quite a few times.

I quizzed her during the week about what other kids in her class were doing. She told me the story of one child whose Dad had most clearly done their presentation for them (they couldn't pronounce half of the slides) but there was no such issue with Audrey's as it was all her own work.

I wished her luck as she left for school before her presentation. Here are the teacher's comments that followed. I think it's fair to say she nailed it. Proud Dad.

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