Monday, November 9, 2015

International Film Festival

Canberra hosted the 19th International Film Festival last weekend and I was lucky to be offered free tickets!

I watched the really interesting Tehran Taxi on Saturday night and then took Audrey and her friend to see the acclaimed Australian/Ealing film 'The Shiralee' on Sunday.

The Shiralee was notable as it shot in 1957 and was essentially a British movie filmed in Australia - all of the outside shots were filmed in New South Wales and all the inside shots in the UK. The film starred Peter Finch but also had a fairly sizable cameo by Sid James (who didn't star in his first Carry On film until 1960)

It was an interesting film, a bit dated by the passing of time but still really good. The girls were ready to give up on it half way through but then got more absorbed and actually really liked it by the end.

The two films were introduced by David Stratton (a famous Australian film reviewer) who Amy and I had last seen/met in Poland some years previously.

The Shiralee
The National Film and Sound Archive (where the festival is held) has a nice courtyard

Inside the cinema

Me, Audrey and A

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