Sunday, November 22, 2015

Glass weekend

We spent the weekend around glass!

Both Audrey and Eli have been chosen as finalists in the kids' glass design competition (the competition which Audrey won earlier this year) This year was a little bit different in the shortlisted kids were invited back to work up their designs, so we got to see the different techniques (fused, moulded and blown). The kids love it at the glassworks and as we'd been there relatively recently we all seemed like know-it-alls!

Audrey didn't hold back letting people know she won the competition last year. Oh well. We get to know in January whether either of them have been successful (unfortunately they're both in the same age category - yikes!)

On Sunday we drove out to see the Hayshed - a small studio in Piallago where Lisa Cahill (who made Audrey's winning design last year) works. It was open as part of the Design Canberra festival and it was great to catch up with her again and see where she worked. There were also a few horses around the place (it's quite rural despite being in close proximity to the airport and burgeoning commercial area) and Audrey enjoyed feeding them.

At the Hayshed. The bench the kids are sat on, as well as the chair, as well as the 'cloth' are all made from glass

we were allowed onto the hotshop floor - usually reserved for glass artists.

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