Thursday, November 5, 2015

The kids meet Peter Garrett

The kids and I went along to a book launch by Peter Garrett in the week at the University.

Peter Garrett is an Australian icon. He was lead singer in the band Midnight Oil until 2002 and then became a member of the Australian Labor party and served as Education Minister in the Rudd Government.

Garrett's got an interesting story (his Mum died in a fire when he was young) and is both eloquent and switched on - in many ways he was wasted in politics!

Ultimately he got a bit stitched-up by the Government and left under a bit of a cloud which was a shame.

I wasn't sure how the kids would go with it, but Garrett told a few amusing anecdotes and when we met him at the end he was a really personable and chatted with the kids. They were probably the youngest there (by about 15 years!)

Here's a picture of the three of them. (He's also about 7 feet tall which makes him a bit of an imposing figure)

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