Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Barbed Maze

"Within the immersive installation, The Barbed Maze, Denise Higgins and Gary Smith coerce their audience into journey mode; herded and displaced in their movements through the space. Suspended barbed wire panels and mirrors create chambered areas that play with issues of confinement, interrogation and surveillance. In traversing the maze, dust motes coalesce into anatomies; disassociated voice snippets bounce across air pockets; a ruffle of space hints at being tracked. Which path will you take? Who can you turn to? Is there any chance of refuge?"

Well, that's what the write up said anyway!

The Barbed maze is an installation at the (excellent) Canberra Contemporary Art Space.  Entry is free and the cost of the installation was raised by crowdfunding (I chipped in a little bit). I was impressed by the size of the maze (it filled a large room) and the (slightly hazardous!) combination of barbed wire and mirrors would never have survived a Government risk assessment. As well as the maze which snaked around the room there were small enclaves with interesting follies in them. I'm not sure whether it 'coerced me through the space'. But I did like it!

A dog in one of the small rooms

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