Thursday, December 3, 2015

Camping trip to Merimbula

Merimbula is a little town on the South, NSW coast. It's probably a three hour drive from Canberra but the trip is well worth the effort as it's a lovely tranquil part of the world with a nice sea-sidey feel.

We headed down for a weekend of camping with some friends and their kids. Audrey was the oldest by a year and also the only girl in our whole party. Funnily she took along three of her teddies and it was the teddies that became the focal point for the boys who spent hours playing assorted games with them.

We spent Saturday playing cricket, tennis and swimming in the lovely (and empty of people) pool. As it's the end of Spring the weather was warm but a little overcast. It was actually good as the cooler temperature kept the flies and mosquitoes away. It was a lovely time and a really nice short break.

(I do admit that I forgot to pack any spare t-shirts for Eli - I did remember pants, socks etc - but the poor boy had to wear his Brumbies t-shirt throughout and it grew increasingly grubby during Friday-Sunday)

our little encampment. Ours is the green tent

LOTS of friendly parrots
The park had a number of pedal cars which provided loads of entertainment

For Audrey too!

spikey haired boys!

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