Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Proud of my children

We had a hectic (and expensive) afternoon on Tuesday with trips to the podiatrist and dentist. When we arrived at the dentist both of the kids told me that they had been to the dentist “recently” with Mummy. Neither could tell me exactly when it was - whether it was in the last year or which dentist they’d been to! I took it on the chin and thought there’d be no harm in a second visit(!)

After handing over half my wages (the dentist looked in Elijah's mouth for about 10 seconds and charged me $79) the three of us headed to the nearby supermarket.

Just before we reached the self-service check out I asked the kids, “We’re doing ok, aren’t we?”. 

Rightly or wrongly I’ve occasionally found myself “checking-in” with them to make sure they’re ok and they’re coping with our new “normal”. Amy is ALWAYS in our life, we often talk about her and I feel her presence and power so often.

On this occasion Audrey was surprised that I had asked the question. The two of them were mucking around and hanging from the side of the trolley in typical fashion and she turned to me with a surprised expression and replied, “Of course we are!”.

Moments later when we reached the checkout both her and her brother obediently jumped down from the trolley and without prompting started unloading the trolley for me, scanning it and packing it into bags (they didn’t have the ability to pay for the shopping but I’m sure they would have done!)
They are such lovely children.

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