Monday, December 15, 2014

Justine Clarke comes to town

We've had a long-term 'thing' going with Justine Clarke - in case you're out of the children's entertainer loop she's a multi-talented actress/singer/playschool presenter. The kids love her (and I admit I've always had a soft spot for her too).

We've seen her in concert umpteen times from small venues when she was starting out on her solo singing career to the latest performance where she filled the Canberra Theatre for several sell out shows full of singing/dancing children.

I bought tickets to see her some months ago (April or May I think) as soon as I saw that she was coming to Canberra and my keenness meant that I was the first through to the booking office and secured us tickets in the middle of Row AA. Amy and I were looking forward to the show - she always teased me about my infatuation.

Sadly as you know Amy didn't make the show in December. A friend of Audrey's took her seat. I wrote to Justine to request a song in Amy's honour. Justine played it for the three of us even though it wasn't on her set list for Canberra. That's just the sort of person she is.

Audrey's friend was well versed in all the songs and we danced and sang throughout the concert. I'm not sure how many more the kids will get in as it feels like they're a bit on the cusp of being too old and no doubt the switch-over to boy-band will happen before too long.

It'll be a sad day when the kids don't want to go any more and much as I admire/love Justine I think it would be a tadge strange to go on my own!

The view from Row AA

I like to sing!

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