Monday, December 22, 2014

Who's No.1?

To access healthcare in Australia you have to possess a Medicare card. As Amy was Australian and I am a migrant, she was always listed first on the card. Next to your name is a number. Amy was (rightly) always No.1.

Whenever we had to produce the card either for our own medical appointments or for the kids Amy would always point out that she was No.1 on the card and I was No.2 as if it represented the order of importance in the family. In fact a truer representation would have placed me at No.4 or No.6 (when the guinea pigs were alive). Amy had a lot of medical appointments - neither of us tired of the joke.

Since Amy's death I have been going through the unenviable task of informing people. I've let most of the institutions know, but there's a long list of organisations you'd never think of until they write to you.

When my new Medicare card arrived, I figured that (despite the horribleness of everything) at least I'd now be No.1. When I opened up the envelope though this is how it now looks - it really made me chuckle. Amy I know you're somewhere with a smirk on your face as well. Looks like you'll always be No.1.

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