Thursday, December 11, 2014

Racecourse Beach

I joined a group of Dads (there were six of us in all) and headed down to Racecourse Beach (near Bawley Point) on the South Coast for a short 3 day break. Initially planned as a camping trip we all changed at the last minute to cabins.

It turned out to be a wise move as the rain beat down on the roof on the Friday night, it would have been a very soggy morning if we had awoken under canvass.

It drizzled throughout Saturday, but it didn't really curtail our fun - the beach was a 100 metre walk over a ridge was beautiful and we splashed in the pool despite the rain. Sunday was much brighter and so it was late in the afternoon before we turned to home and arrived back in Canberra happy but weary.

Here's some pics

beautiful 'unspoilt' Rainbow Beach

Audrey on the flying fox

Blow up tyres - courtesey of Aldi ($7.99)

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