Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas in Australia’s hot, cold and frosty’s what it’s not

So our first Christmas without Amy. I guess there’s going to be a few ‘firsts’ like that, first birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc. None of them welcome, but we got through things ok. In a way it was a strange thing – I miss Amy every day, so Christmas day wasn’t particularly much different in that respect. (We used to enjoy Christmas Day even though Amy never relished the fact that I insisted on brussel sprouts every year!)

The kids loved opening their presents in the morning and then we went to the Hyatt – a posh “old” hotel in Canberra with some friends for lunch. It was a nice time – the hotel had a huge buffet and Audrey and Eli loved the kid's room which served very posh chicken nuggets and gave the option to make your own ice cream.

Both the kids got their wishes from Santa. Audrey had her heart set on an ipad but fortunately wasn’t too disappointed when it didn’t show up.

Balloon Magic - an annual favourite in Santa's stocking

Balloon Magic Fun 
Audrey by (a small fraction of) the food on offer at the Hyatt

Me ringing a bell wearing a paper crown while my friend Anthony's trousers fit in with the curtains

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