Sunday, May 25, 2014


Over the last couple of weeks the kids have been playing with my old Scalextric which my brother Graham had kindly posted out from the UK.

I hadn't set it up since it arrived in Canberra figuring that the kids would need to be a year or two older before they'd fully appreciate it, but it seems whizzing Scalextric cars round a track and careering them off at corners (to disappear under the sofa) is appealing at any age.

Amy's been incredibly patient with the three of us as to get maximum use of the track I've had to push back the sofa and run the track part way up our hall. I've got a LOT of old track and a guy at the (highly recommended toy shop) Super Toy World pointed me in the right direction for things to restore tracks and cars meaning the Scalextric runs as well as it did when I was 13!

Here's a couple of short videos of the kids and I racing cars round the living room!

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