Sunday, May 25, 2014

AIS Swimming Grand Prix

I heard on the radio about a swimming event taking place at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) in Canberra. 80 of Australia's top swimmers were competing in a swimming competition as preparation for the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The event was free, and was pretty poorly publicised but I thought the kids would enjoy the spectacle.

I'd hoped for a bit of an atmosphere (which there wasn't as the crowd probably numbered less than a 100) but all the big names of Australian swimming were there - James Magnussen and Christian Sprenger as well as gold medal winners Ashley Callus and Cate Campbell.

What made the event good was that being so low key you virtually sat shoulder to shoulder with the olympians and the swimmers changed by the side of the pool using the usual towel-jiggling-to-preserve-your-vanity expertise usually reserved for the beach.

Amy and I forecast that the kids would be bored after 30 minutes, but we ended up staying for most of the afternoon as the shorter races were pretty exciting. We weren't sure if the brush with fame paid off but Eli swam incredibly well at his next swimming lesson so perhaps he did take some inspiration!

Little Ted came along to support

James Magnussen gets into the water (third from left!)

Amy and Eli with the team behind them

100 metres back stroke

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