Sunday, May 25, 2014

Razzamataz in Queanbeyan

We received free tickets for a touring show called Razzamatz featuring Jonas Jost and Marty Putz. We didn't know much about the show other than it was for kids and we ventured along not knowing whether it would be singing, dancing or some kind of play. 

As it turned out the show was a mixture of magic (Jonas Jost) and kid's entertainment (Marty Putz). Both of them were accomplished performers and all the kids in the audience lapped up the show. Audrey appeared on stage after volunteering to help out with a trick and it was great to see the kids reaction to the magic.

It's amazing how dispassionate and hardened you get to entertainment like this. On the TV I've seen gazillions of doves appear/disappear into sleeves, ribbons and hats - David Blane has almost de-sensitized me to magic tricks and I'm not even that impressed if David Copperfield can make a plane disappear or saw a lady in half. It IS great watching kids see magic for the first time though. Audrey couldn't believe they were real doves which Jonas Jost produced - she's seen me do 10c disappearing tricks with my own version of close hand magic but this was a different league altogether!

The two performers hung back at the end of the show to meet everyone. It was a great afternoon and the kids talked about it for a few days afterwards.

Audrey with Marty and Jonas

Eli performs his funny eye trick

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