Monday, May 12, 2014

Anzac Day in Canberra

Anzac Day was pretty special this year as Canberra played host to Prince William and Princess Catherine who were concluding their short 10 day visit to Australia.

Audrey's fascination with Princess Catherine has waned a bit since the birth of Prince George but she was still keen to go and see if we could spot her at the Anzac ceremony.

It was the first time we had gone to see the Anzac National March, where ex and serving service men and women march (in Canberra on Anzac parade) and people recognise their contribution across a number of conflicts. There are people of all ages from 0-100 and the weather was pretty kind to the crowds.

Unfortunately we didn't get very close - the crowds were 10 deep - there was a big screen which we spotted the Royal couple and we did see the back of Prince William's head, but it was nothing like as personal as when Amy and the kids had met Princess Mary a couple of years ago.

At the end of the ceremony there was a (small) protest from aboriginal representatives trying to highlight the number of indigenous Australians killed in conflicts within Australia. Their path to the Royals was blocked by the police. It didn't turn nasty, but we figured it was a good point to leave things for the day.

Prince William and the Governor General are in there (if you have a magnifying glass)

Aboriginal protest

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