Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Morris Dancing in Canberra

Last weekend we spotted the 'Surly Griffins' Canberra's very own Morris Dancing troupe! Of all the things to export from England I would have thought Morris Dancing would have been a fair way down the list (probably bottom in fact) but it's made it here!

In fairness they were a pretty accomplished group (no fingers were broken by the sticks) and the kids were kept entertained by the bells and accordion playing, but I couldn't help thinking that Morris Dancing really lends itself far more to sunny afternoons outside of country real-ale pubs than Belconnen Markets.

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Jessica Hancock said...

For me (another of the 101 Humans of Canberra), Morris Dancing with the Surly Griffins is associated with May Day on top of Mt Ainslie! http://wordsandwilds.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/an-antipodean-may-day-2/ But they do seem to perform everywhere. They're a new group, but they're a friendly one, and I always enjoy seeing them around.