Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day Pictures

Here's some pictures of our Christmas Day.

We had a nice morning opening our presents and Skyped with Ralph's family and Mom on Christmas morning.

The kids were pretty happy with their collection of presents. Audrey didn't get her wish of a swimming pool(!) but everything else came good. The basket ball hoop for the trampoline was a big hit.

We had lunch at the Hyatt again with friends. They put on a huge spread and the kids love father Christmas arriving (even though this year's santa was probably in his late 20's!).

It was a nice day. Emotional at times though and I think we all had a cry as well as a laugh.

Santa brought the much coveted bubble mix again

and a pair of football/soccer boots (they weren't as large as they look in the photo!)

Eli making snow!

Eli gets his goody bag from Santa

Me and my two beautiful children

Eli and his mate

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