Sunday, December 27, 2015

Angle Crossing and Tharwa sandwash

Over Christmas a large percentage of Canberra's population de-camps to the coast or heads to family living in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.

On our doorstep though are a number of beautiful spots which people ignore for the lure of the coast, choosing three hours drive over twenty minutes.

We often head to Casuarina Sands for a float in our (cheapy) tubes. Today was beautifully sunny, but with a lovely cooling breeze so we headed to Angle Crossing for a swim/float and from there onto picturesque Tharwa Sandwash. We'd not been to either place before, but we'll definitely return.
Both places were deserted apart from a couple of fisherman and a friendly ranger told us the best spots to enter/exit. Sometimes it pays to stay in the 'Bush Capital' and not follow the crowds.

Beautiful Tharwa sandwash

getting into the water at Angle Crossing
Heading down the short path from the car
Heading down from the car
Where the bloody hell are you?

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