Saturday, August 17, 2013

Shredding Branches

We'd hacked a lot of branches off our old apple tree which have been piled up in the garden for the past couple of weeks until I spotted our neighbour had a 'Shredder' which he very kindly lent me.

It's good on long thin branches (of which we had plenty) and turns them into a (kind of) mulch. It basically smashes the wood and as the apple tree branches were pretty green makes a twiggy-greeny-mulch out of them which I've put on one of our borders where I want to keep the weeds at bay.

As twilight approached the kids got increasingly interested in what I was doing and so we all fed the machine with twigs while the kids chortled in a slightly disturbing Lord of the Flies kind of a way. I'm sure children aged 5 and 4 shouldn't be operating machinery like this, but no fingers were lost.

**If you're reading this blog from some Australian Health and Safety Commision and you're wondering about minors using dangerous garden equipment without proper supervision, barefoot and with no safety protection then don't worry about it as these photos are quite clearly photoshopped.

Face painting courtesy of Bunnings DIY store

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