Monday, August 5, 2013

Bum Hummers

I've always been a bit partial to pickled onions and I couldn't resist when I saw these on a shelf at the weekend - they're pickled onions flavoured with chilli and spice mix! - they're really tasty

The jar is labelled 'Bum Hummers' and said that there was 1,000 farts in every jar. I ate (too many) of them on Saturday lunch time (much to the amusement of Audrey and Eli) and later on that day washed them down with a few pints of '1842' - a good local Canberran beer. Unfortunately the combination of the beer and the excitement of watching the Super 16 Rugby Final on the tele at the pub with some friends, meant that I lost count of the exact number of farts, but safe to say the product does just as it says on the label!

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