Sunday, August 4, 2013

Picnic at the Cotter

We had a nice picnic at the Cotter on Sunday with our friends Gill and Anthony and their kids.

Even though it's only a short drive from where we live there are still parts of the Cotter which we haven't been to and although we've driven past this particular spot a few times we hadn't stopped. There was a bit of a chilly wind but it didn't put us off our snags (sausages) cooked Ray Mears style on an open fire.

The kids all loved playing together as well as spending loads of time tobogganing down the grass slope, gathering firewood and throwing stones in the river. Here's some pics from a really enjoyable afternoon.
Sunday lunch Canberra style!
Sarah and Eli
Marshmallows on the fire
Marshmallow on a stick!
Chloe tucks in with her tenth marshmallow

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