Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Audrey's 6th Birthday

I read an article recently that the typical cost of a children's birthday party is now around $300. The same (UK) survey said that according to kids their perfect party would be held at a theme park, include 30 guests - and a guest appearance from David Beckham!

David wasn't available last weekend (and anyway I've never really understood the fuss about him myself) so in his absence Audrey celebrated her 6th birthday at a local pizza place together with her best mate Amber (and little sister) - rather than 30 others. There's a really good play area there and so the kids could go wild while parents could chat (in relative) peace.

Audrey had a Barbie cake which was well received and loved the presents she received, including a load of new Barbie clothes from Grandma, new lego, a sticker book and some excellent new pens/texters.
pressies for all!
new clothes for Barbie

Happy Birthday to You!
Barbie Cake

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