Saturday, August 17, 2013

Canberra Brick Expo

Brick Expo was on in Canberra again. It's an exhibition of Lego constructions made by Australian enthusiasts and loosely endorsed by Lego themselves.

The event attracts huge interest and we'd fortunately booked our tickets a few weeks previously, learning from last year when we'd been 'locked out' (or perhaps 'blocked' out?) for assuming we'd be able to get access on the day itself.

This year though we arrived with our pre-booked tickets at our specific time and found the admission queue snaking across the car park. Fortunately it moved rapidly and we were soon in amongst the models.

Some of the stuff is a bit unspectacular - people displaying models that they'd made from bought kits (why?) but also plenty of original and (huge) stuff including a scale model of Sydney Harbour Bridge and a life size replica of the tardis.

Star Wars and Lego are now convenient bedfellows and there was plenty of Star Wars stuff to keep Eli occupied (he seems to know many of the space ships and characters without ever having seen the film!) and Audrey rejoiced in the "scary" room (luminescent lego lit up in a dark room) - which on her insistence we had to go through twice!

There was also the occasional 'geeky' designer including a chap who had built a huge table (cleverly) moving marbles round a 3D maze. Quite ingenious but he was just ever-so-slightly too enthusiastic for his own good!

Such is the demand for the exhibition we got a 15 minute announcement to leave (and finalise our purchases - as there are obviously plenty of retail opportunities as well!) and we left our Lego kingdom, passing a couple of guys dressed in Storm Trooper outfits along the way. Canberrans (especially those with an odd tilt towards Sci-Fi) love Lego!

one of the street scenes
A pirate scene
Lord of the Rings Chess set
Nice work!

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