Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ivy's party

The next few weeks are a constant stream of kids' parties. It's an interesting time as there's certain decorum about "party going"- the present you buy, the party games that you take part in and the goodie bag you ultimately take home as you leave. Children rapidly get into the rhythm of it all and nonchalantly reach out to accept goodie bag no.432 as they leave the party. Sad, but inevitable I guess that the world gets so commercial about things.

Nevertheless Sunday's party was notable as it was held at Gymbaroo. We'd been regular attenders to their mid-week classes - a series of climbing frames, toys, activities and music for children and Audrey and Eli had grown up to the some of the new (and old) songs they had introduced us to. We still have a couple of friends who we met there for the first time. We had stopped going along (there's a big waiting list so stopping going is a big decision) about 12 months ago when dancing had taken its place and (although kids do like routine) both Audrey and Eli had grown a bit tired about some of the repetitive nature of it all.

As we hadn't been for a while though the novelty of re-visiting Gymbaroo for a party really thrilled the kids. The trampoline, the climbing frame, the bubbles etc. Ivy's Mum had laid on an incredible spread of (pink) food and it was a relaxed, yet at the same time immaculately planned party.

The kids were actually too engrossed to eat all of the sweets that were laid on. I ate far too much.

Here's a few pics.

A table of incredible pinkness!

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