Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Australia's Olympic atheletes welcome home

History books will show that the London Olympics was fairly mediocre from an Australian point of view. The heroics of Britain's successful home Olympic athletes (Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Bradley Wiggins amongst many others) were not really replicated by Australia.

There were definitely Australian highlights - Sally Pearson tore up the track on her way to 100m hurdles gold and Anna Meares broke British hearts with her win in the velodrome by beating Victoria Pendleton in the Women's sprint. The hockey team got bronze and Australia succeeded in a number of sailing events.

The days of Australia dominating in the pool and having strong rowing teams seem to have gone though. London 2012 definitely saw the rise of British athletics and a demise of Australian. I'm sure there must be a strong correlation between funding the athletes received on the lead up but I'm sure home territory also played a big part.

Either way it was excellent to see the Australian Olympians when they visited Canberra as part of a gruelling Australian tour (7 cities in 9 days). Whoever planned the Perth leg of the trip to precede the Canberra visit clearly needs to look at a map. The four of us went along to a chilly Civic Square to greet them along with throngs of school kids.

There was a meet and greet and some samba dancing - it must be amazing to represent your country at any sport. Well done to all the Olympians, whether British or Australian (or in fact from anywhere!)

The athletes on stage


How could I have forgotten not to get Eli to wear his Team GB t-shirt!

Eli's flag

Audrey's colouring of Usain Bolt

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