Monday, September 17, 2012

CSIRO birthday party

We went along to Audrey and Eli's friend Isobel's party at the weekend held at the CSIRO. It was a well organised party with a chance for the kids to get involved in some of the science activities that take place there as well as meet some of the local wildlife in the form of stick insects and turtles.

The stick insects were surprisingly 'soft' to touch. I think quote of the day goes to one of the kids who when asked 'What do stick insects look like?' replied 'Well they look a bit like preying mantis' which I thought was an excellent reply!

The party was good fun and we headed off with balloons.
Meeting Stick insects
Watching a 3D film (about polymers!)
Eli meets a stick insect

Doctor Audrey

Audrey, Jack and Eli

Eli meets a turtle

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