Sunday, September 30, 2012

Away with the Faeries

After a few false starts (both the release date and film start was later than we thought) we finally got to watch the eagerly anticipated 'Secret of the Wings' for Audrey's birthday (albeit 6 weeks late)

It's the fourth film in the 'Tinkerbell' series and is a perfect film for 5 year old girls. Audrey was really excited that her friends were coming with her to the cinema and sat transfixed throughout, breaking only to chat to her friend Amber about various parts of the story.

It was actually not a bad film (perhaps I'm becoming desensitised to such things!) as there were assorted jokes which were clearly targetted for grown-ups.The film also covered topics such as global warming, asylum seekers and stem-cell research - well not exactly but in a kind of round-about way.

We ate coloured popcorn (a big hit) and teddy bear biscuits during the show and then retreated to a nearby cafe for Tinkerbell cake and baby-chinos.

Outside Screen 8 enroute to Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell cake

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