Monday, September 24, 2012

Royal Thai Embassy Food and Cultural Festival

Together with our friends Gill and Anthony and their kids Tommy and Chloe we paid our annual homage to the Thai Embassy Food and Cultural Festival in nearby Yarralumla.

They seemed to have more food stalls than ever before and we sat on the grass under a tree and feasted on lovely Thai food (and a couple of bottles of beer), while an overweight female Thai singer serenaded us with a very ropey version of John Lennon's "Imagine".

Part of the day included a 'wishing tree'. It's a strange thing - using a forked stick to get paper stars out of a big tree. The coloured stars were then referenced against a (secret) list revealing your prize - it was a variation on a lucky dip I guess.

Audrey came away with a plastic shoulder bag and pen as her prize - she was pretty happy - meanwhile Eli won a 500g bag of rice. His face was a sight when he received his prize, and despite my protestations the ladies running the stall wouldn't swap it as apparently all the gifts were carefully logged and accounted for.

In the end (and after they noted the size of his bottom lip) they sorted him out with a keyring.

Eli and Audrey (with the 'Wishing Tree' in the background)

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