Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunny afternoon ride for Audrey

Sunday was a strange day in many ways. It would have been Amy and my ten year wedding anniversary and I'm sure we'd have enjoyed a nice meal or reminisce about the lovely day we had in Newbury by the river Kennet all those years ago.

It would have been easy to be melancholy and for that sadness to spread over the kids. It's always a balance trying to keep Amy as part of our lives, yet not let the deep deep sense of grief at her death dominate our days.

Fortunately we were distracted both by a walk to an ancient snow gum and also by a trail ride which Audrey was booked on on Sunday afternoon.

Audrey rode one of her favourite horses - Sonia (an appaloosa). She told me Sonia likes people but doesn't tend to like other horses much (apparently she kicks!). Sonia's one of a large number of horses they have at the riding school.

Eli and I threw a ball around while she disappeared into the countryside. It was a nice end to a busy and somewhat strange weekend.

Our beautiful children (with Eli looking more like his Mum than ever)

Audrey on Sonia

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