Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt at Rodney's Nursery

We've always been advocates of Rodney's Easter Egg Hunt. We've tried a few hunts around Canberra (of which there are several) but the fact that Rodney's is pretty well organised (you have to register in advance) and well stocked (even late-comers get loads of chocolate) make it the egg hunt of choice for me, A&E.

We got there early to get good spots and both the kids went home with bags full of eggs. It was the first time that the garden had put the eggs around their produce (usually it's off in a side garden) and I could understand the commercial decision involved but alas the sun melted a fair number of eggs.

Still, once again I reckon it was a great morning and I'm sure we'll have another few Easter mornings spent there.

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