Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pryor's Notable Snow Gum!

In the middle of Glenloch Interchange (one of Canberra's busiest road junctions) remains a large grassed area which contains an ancient snow gum which was remarked as 'notable' in botanist's Pryor's description of the area.

The tree is at least 200 years old and Andy, the kids and I joined a small party of walkers led by Friends of Black Mountain to go and see it.

I'd first read about it in Tim the Yowie Man's article in the Canberra Times and it had sparked curiosity in me that an ancient snow gum could exist in an area which I drive by most days.

The excitement to the walk came in the first few steps where we had to descend into a culvert by the side of the road - it's about sixty metres long and you have to dodge water and spiders webs.

At the other end of the tunnel it was only a short walk to the tree and our two enthusiastic guides led us there (ducking under barbed wire) and we saw the ancient gnarly tree we'd come in search of.

The tree was excellent from a distance - it's large branches stretching to the ground, but also up close where the kids could clamber inside the trunk and describe what they thought the patterns on the bark looked like.

We were led around the area, observing the local fauna and then returned (this time through a slightly smaller tunnel) back to the car park.

It was a lovely and interesting walk and we were grateful for the sunny autumn morning. I'm sure we'll be back (if only for the chance for the kids to clamber through the storm drain!)

Me and the kids inside the trunk

Eli walking through the culvert
Who doesn't like a good tunnel!

Read the original article which inspired me here Tim the Yowie Man

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