Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Time

We had a really nice Christmas spent with one of Audrey's friend's whose family kindly agreed to 'put us up'. They made us a lovely meal and the warm day meant that we could enjoy a bit of traditional back-yard cricket as well.

As always the kids revelled in opening their presents and were happy with what they received. Highlight (for the umpteenth time running) was the bubble goo stuff which makes its way into the Christmas stockings every year.

We watched our fair share of Christmas films, the Muppet Christmas Carol and Elf being regular favourites and the kids both patiently worked their way through the advent calendars sent by my Mom (despite the lack of chocolate).

We also had great fun with a number of board games - the kids love Cluedo at the moment. It's a nice bonus of the kids getting older that they understand and follow rules for board games now.

Here's some pictures

always a winner on a Christmas morning

Dude Perfect t-shirts all round

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