Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Eli's fanclub heads to high-school

I picked the kids up for what was their last day of the school year. The culmination of year 1 for Elijah and year 3 for Audrey. Both the kids have done really well this year and I was so proud of their efforts. It's lovely seeing them learn, develop and question things around them. They both have great imaginations and I hope they hold onto them as they get older. 

I'd be lying if I said it hadn't been a real struggle at times getting school work done, school clothes bought (occasionally patched) and washed. Combine this with getting the kids dropped off and picked up or safely transported somewhere and it becomes pretty tricky juggling everything. Both A&E have had really supportive teachers and the school community is pretty strong. I'm also grateful to our resolute babysitter Maree who contines to help out with pick ups twice a week and without whose help I would be completely sunk. There's no doubt that parenting is definitely a two person job and the many kids at the school who have grandparents as back-up are particularly lucky. Unfortunately my two are just stuck with me.

As we left school an entourage of girls descended on Eli. They were all leaving the school and heading to High School next year and although they were going to miss each other most of them seemed to be crying about the fact that they wouldn't see Eli on a daily basis any more. He cuddled nearly all of them and left red-eyed and teary. 

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