Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Australia v New Zealand day-night cricket

I picked the kids up from after school care and on the short drive home (listening to the cricket on the radio) we all decided to head to Manuka rather than back for dinner and bed.

Australia were playing (and beat quite easily) New Zealand and we arrived in time to watch pretty much the whole of the New Zealand innings. I had to talk my way into the ground for the three of us (I didn't want to buy a ticket which were pretty pricey) and when we were inside the ground I explained to the kids that this is called 'blagging' an important lesson learnt methinks.

They loved the atmosphere as there was music after every boundary - a few beachballs bouncing around amongst us, several Mexican waves and a beer snake. The kids feasted on pink ice creams.

It made for a late night (I think we got home about 10.15pm) and the kids were wrecked the next day for school, but it's pretty much the end of what has been a really long term, so I didn't really mind knowing that they would probably sleep-walk through the next day of classes.

enjoying an ice cream

The stunning sunset
pink sherbet ice cream


Anonymous said...

Something as good as the experience you had seems worth paying for surely ?? ( Like everybody else had to)

Trevor and Amy said...

Mate, the experience was all the better for not having paid. btw we only saw half the game.