Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

Our friends Kirsty and Rob invited us to join them on their holiday to South East Asia. I haven't been to Asia much, apart from Sri Lanka many moons ago and a night in Osaka in Japan which I spent drinking Rum with a group of Australians.

It was such a lovely get-away - made all the better by the fact that Rob and Kirsty had planned everything in terms of accommodation and travel and so we only had to find the cost of our flights (and inoculations) and we could tag along.

It was remarkable how different all three countries were, from the hustle and bustle of Bankok, to the dusty streets of Cambodia and the wild evenings in Vietnam. Of course we only saw tiny microcosms of the country (it would have been impossible to do much more with four kids in tow) but it was great fun for the kids to have friends along and great for me to have a bit of adult conversation for a while as well!

Here's a few pics. It's difficult without writing a journal to describe the whole holiday. I'll put some pics and write a few words.

These are all pictures from Kidzania in Bankok where we spent a wonderful day in a designed for kids theme park. It was remarkable really as the kids could choose 'careers' - anything from fireman to spy to insurance salesman (honestly!) Eli spent a time in a milk factory and Audrey was a TV presenter. It was an amazing place and I think the kids were pretty much the perfect age for it.

In and around Bankok - from the ferris wheel at Asiatique to riding on a tuk tuk.

fun in Siem Reap (around Angkor Watt). It's a beautiful place absolutely overflowing with incredible temples.

and finally Vietnam then home

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